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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Siphulastrum granulatum P.M.Jørg. & D.J.Galloway
  Fl. Australia 54: 317 (1992)
T: Lake Dobson, Mt Field Natl Park, Tas., 12 Aug. 1981, P.W.James; holo: BM.
  Thallus small-squamulose, ±caespitose in small cushions to 15 cm wide; margins ascending, producing granular, ±woolly, blue-grey soralia, becoming entirely confluent and forming a ±continuous, pulverulent crust. Individual squamules 1–3 mm wide, olivaceous-brown, marginally white-pubescent. Apothecia to 1 mm wide, sessile, dark brown when young with paler proper exciple, completely black at maturity. Ascospores ellipsoidal, 12–15 × 6–7 µm. CHEMISTRY: argopsin ±triterpenoids.
  Among mosses on old stumps or stems of Richea scoparia Hook.f. in alpine rainforest, 1100–1300 m. Known only from a few localities in Tas. but possibly more widespread and overlooked.  
  Jørgensen & Galloway (1992a)  

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