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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Myeloconis erumpens P.M.McCarthy & Elix
  Lichenologist 28: 406 (1996). T: Owers Corner road, near Dabamura, 40 km NE of Port Moresby, Central Province, Papua New Guinea, 10 Feb. 1981, H.Streimann 14865 & E.K.Naoni; holo: CANB; iso: B, H.  
  Thallus pale grey-brown to greenish brown, continuous to very sparingly rimose, matt to slightly glossy, smooth to uneven, 30–50 (–60) µm thick, thinly corticate. Medulla containing sulphur-yellow crystals that erupt through the cortex and form irregular 0.4–1.5 mm wide soralium-like structures that may coalesce. Perithecia 0.45–0.65 mm diam., at first almost completely immersed in the thallus, becoming convex to subglobose and either retaining a thalline covering or losing it and visible as a yellow crystal-covered swelling with a dark brown 30–60 µm wide ostiole; perithecial wall dark brown, 60–90 µm thick near the apex, 30–60 µm thick at the base. Exciple pale to medium brown, c. 20 µm thick. Centrum 0.32–0.4 mm wide. Asci 280–325 × 45–70 µm. Ascospores with 33–49 transverse divisions, each loculus with 1–3 longitudinal or diagonal divisions, 145–207 × 18–26 µm. CHEMISTRY: Medulla K+ orange, UV–; containing myeloconone A1 & A2 (major), myeloconone C (minor or trace), leucomyeloconone 1 (minor), leucomyeloconone 2 (minor), myelocoterpene 1 (minor) and myelocoterpene 2 (minor).
  In Australia known from three sterile collections from rainforest in north-eastern Qld; also in lowland and montane forest in Thailand, New Guinea, New Britain and New Caledonia.  
  McCarthy (2001a)  

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