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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Endocarpon pallidulum (Nyl.) Nyl.
  in A.-M.Hue, Nouv. Archiv. Mus. Hist. Nat., sér. 4, 4: 106 (1892). Verrucaria pallidula Nyl., Flora 57: 73 (1874). T: Tarapoto, Peru, 1866, R.Spruce 196; holo: H–NYL. 2280; iso: G.  
  Squamae appressed to ascending, contiguous to imbricate, shallowly and irregularly lobate, plane to slightly convex, matt, pale grey-green to medium olive-brown, 0.5–2.5 mm wide, 0.08–0.12 mm thick; lobes frequently minutely lobulate; margins concolorous, plane, entire to slightly crenulate; undersurface pale to dark brown, with concolorous or paler rhizohyphae. Perithecia immersed, 2–5 (–8) per squama; apex convex, concolorous to dark brown, 0.1–0.16 mm diam.; ostiole usually inconspicuous. Centrum 0.13–0.23 mm wide. Exciple 15–20 µm thick, pale to dark brown at the base, darker towards the apex. Periphyses 25–35 µm long. Asci 2-spored, 60–74 × 14–18 µm. Ascospores broadly ellipsoidal, elongate-ellipsoidal or subcylindrical, 22–36 × 9–16 µm, colourless to pale yellow-brown.
  Known from the bark of trees in Cairns, north-eastern Qld; also on soil in Japan, Peru and Cuba.  
  McCarthy (2001d)  

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