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Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
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Verrucaria compacta (A.Massal.) Jatta
  Syll. Lich. Ital. 501 (1900). Placidium compactum A.Massal. , Misc. Lichenol. 62 (1856); Dermatocarpon compactum (A.Massal.) Lettau , Hedwigia 52: 97 (1912); Catapyrenium compactum (A.Massal.) R.Sant. , Lichens of Sweden & Norway 82 (1984). T: Europe; holo: VER? n.v.  
  Thallus epilithic, areolate to subsquamulose, dark olive-green, dark brown or greenish black, matt, ±smooth, 0.2–0.3 (–0.5) mm thick, corticate; areolae/squamules plane to convex, usually contiguous, 0.1–1 mm diam., often slightly attenuated at the base. Algae ±globose, 7–14 µm diam. Prothallus and basal layer not apparent. Perithecia ±immersed, 1–3 per areole or squamule; apex rounded or a little flattened, to 0.2 mm diam.; ostiole inconspicuous or in a minute depression. Involucrellum absent. Exciple 30–40 µm thick, hyaline at the base and sides, darkening to brown-black at the apex. Centrum 0.18–0.25 mm wide. Periphyses 25–35 × 1.5–2 µm. Asci 50–65 × 15–23 µm. Ascospores subglobose to globose, 8–13 × 8–11 µm. Pycnidia immersed, 70–120 µm diam. Conidia bacilliform, 1.5–3 × c. 0.5 µm.
  Occurs on limestone and calcareous lithosol in southern S.A. and N.S.W.; reports from W.A. and Vic. (R.B.Filson, Checklist Austral. Lichens & Allied Fungi 147, 1996) could not be confirmed. Also in Europe, North America and New Zealand.  
  McCarthy (2001h)  

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