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Ficus obliqua G.Forst. var. obliqua

Illustration: F.M.Bailey, Queensland Agric. J. 17: t. 10 (1906) as Ficus tryoni.

Leaf lamina elliptic, cuneate at base; petiole 1–1.5 cm long. Fig 6–9 mm diam.; peduncle absent or to 4 mm long. 

Occurs from Celebes in Indonesia through Melanesia to SW Pacific. In Australia, occurs in W.A., Qld and N.S.W. Map 44.

W.A.: Prince Regent River Reserve, K.F.Kenneally 2094 (PERTH). Qld: Danbulla, State Forest Reserve 185, J.O’Farrell 47 (BRI, NSW); Atherton Tableland, S.F.Kajewski 1179 & 1314 (BRI, NSW). N.S.W.: Tweed R., Guilfoyle (NSW); Shellharbour, J.L.Boorman (NSW).

Since publication of the Flora of Australia treatment the Australian Plant Census notes that infra-specific taxa are no longer accepted for this species, and that specimens attributed to this variety that occur in W.A. are Ficus brachypoda .



Data derived from Flora of Australia volume 3 (1989), a product of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia