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Casuarina cristata Miq., Revis. Crit. Casuarinarum 70, t. 10 (1848)

Casuarina quadrivalvis var. cristata (Miq.) Miq., Flora 48: 18 (1865). T: Lachlan R. [Condobolin area], N.S.W., A.Cunningham ; holo: K, with cones; iso: U.

Casuarina lepidophloia F.Muell., Fragm. 10: 115 (1877). T: between the Bogan R. and the Lachlan R., N.S.W., L.Morton ; lecto: MEL (♀), fide L.A.S.Johnson, Fl. Australia 3: 201 (1989); isolecto: NSW 46689.

Casuarina cambagei R.T.Baker, Proc. Linn. Soc. New South Wales 24: 605 (1900). T: Grawlin, Forbes, N.S.W., 28 July 1899, R.H.Cambage NSW 46670 ; lecto: NSW, with cones, fide L.A.S.Johnson, Fl. Australia 3: 200 (1989).

Illustrations: J.H.Maiden, Forest Fl. New South Wales 2: t. 51 (1905) as Casuarina lepidophloia ; G.M.Cunningham et al. , Pl. W. New South Wales 207 (1982); D.J.Boland et al. , Forest Trees Australia 4th edn, 94–95 (1984).

Tree 10–20 m high, frequently producing suckers. Bark finely fissured or scaly, grey-brown. Teeth on new shoots erect to somewhat spreading. Branchlets drooping in vigorous specimens, spreading in depauperate specimens, to 25 cm long; articles usually slightly wrinkled, 8–17 mm long, 0.6–0.9 mm diam., somewhat waxy, occasionally sparsely pubescent, disarticulating readily; phyllichnia flat or with slight median groove, often masked by wax; teeth 8–12, erect, 0.5–0.7 mm long, marcescent. Male spikes 1.3–5 cm long, 6–10 whorls per cm; anther 0.8–1.1 mm long. Cones ferruginous-pubescent when young, nearly glabrous at maturity; peduncle 1–14 mm long; cone body 13–18 mm, occasionally to 25 mm long, 10–16 mm diam.; bracteoles acute. Samara 6–10.5 mm long. 2n = 18, B.A.Barlow, Austral. J. Bot. 7: 232 (1959). Fig. 45B, 47G–H.

Occurs from Clermont, Qld, S to Temora, N.S.W. Some intergradation with C. pauper occurs in the area from Bourke to W of Condobolin, N.S.W. Usually found in clayey grey or brown soils with calcareous nodules near the surface. Map 112.

Qld: Yelarbon, S.T.Blake 10471 (BRI, NSW); 8 km N of Nathan Rd and Leichhardt Hwy junction, N.H.Speck 1906 (CANB, K, NSW). N.S.W.: Lightning Ridge, E.F.Constable NSW 19232 (K, NSW); Gilgandra–Collie road, E.F.Constable NSW 20370 (K, NSW).

May form pure woodland stands; clonal stands occur.

(K.L.Wilson, L.A.S.Johnson)


Data derived from Flora of Australia volume 3 (1989), a product of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia