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Allocasuarina humilis (Otto & A.Dietr.) L.A.S.Johnson, J. Adelaide Bot. Gard. 6: 76 (1982)

Casuarina humilis Otto & A.Dietr., Allg. Gartenzeitung 9: 163 (1841). T: cult. Berlin bot. gard., collector unknown ; holo: B (♂, ♀); iso: MEL, NSW.

Casuarina preissiana Miq. in J.G.C.Lehmann, Pl. Preiss. 1: 640 (1845). T: Mt Eliza [Kings Park], W.A., 19 May 1839, L.Preiss 2008 p.p. ; lecto: U (♂), fide L.A.S.Johnson, Fl. Australia 3: 202 (1989); isolecto: ?BR, C, K, L, LE, MEL, P, ?S, UPS, W.

Casuarina selaginoides Miq. in J.G.C.Lehmann, Pl. Preiss. 1: 643 (1845). T: Bald Head [King George Sound], W.A., 16 Oct. 1840, L.Preiss 2003 ; holo: U (♂); iso: LE.

Casuarina tephrosperma Miq., Revis. Crit. Casuarinarum 31 (1848). T: cult. Hamburg, from Australia, collector unknown ; holo: U, sterile.

Casuarina humilis var. macrocarpa Miq. in A.P. de Candolle, Prodr. 16(2): 340 (1868). T: Swan R., W.A., J.Drummond 238 in herb. Boissier; holo: G n.v. ; iso: B, CGE, FI (with cones), K (with cones), LE, P (with cones), W.

Dioecious or monoecious shrub, erect to spreading, 0.2–2 m high; penultimate branchlets woody. Branchlets ascending, to 12 cm long; articles terete, 3–6 mm long, 0.8–1.2 mm diam., smooth, sometimes waxy, glabrous, or finely pubescent in furrows; phyllichnia angular to markedly rounded, often with minutely serrate median ridge; teeth 5–7, erect, overlapping at bases at least when young, 0.4–0.5 mm long, not marcescent. Male spikes 6–18 mm long, 12–16 whorls per cm; anther 0.7–0.8 mm long. Cones cylindrical, slightly longer than broad, of smoothish outline and tessellated surface, sessile; cone body 12–22 (rarely to 33) mm long, 10–17 mm diam.; bracteoles thick, flat-topped and triangular, divided into 6–8 obtuse or ± acute bodies. Samara 5–6 mm long, glabrous; wing truncate, shorter than body. 2n = 20, B.A.Barlow, Austral. J. Bot. 7: 232 (1959). Fig. 60C–D.

Widespread from the Murchison R. south to the S coast and E to Israelite Bay, W.A. Grows in heath in sand. Map 179.

W.A.: 38 km NW of Kalbarri turn-off from North West Coastal Hwy, A.C.Beauglehole 11966 (NSW); N of Frenchmans Cap, near Cape le Grand, B.G.Briggs 407 (NSW, PERTH); 6 km W of Tammin on Great Eastern Hwy, L.Haegi 1785, 1786 (NSW, PERTH); c. 1.8 km W of Mt Hopkins, Walpole–Nornalup Natl Park, L.Haegi 1809, 1810 & J.Powell (NSW, PERTH); Hassell Beach area, L.Haegi 1854, 1855 (NSW, PERTH).

Exhibits considerable morphological variation.

(K.L.Wilson, L.A.S.Johnson)


Data derived from Flora of Australia volume 3 (1989), a product of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia