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Austrobaileya scandens C.T.White, Contr. Arnold Arbor. 4: t. IV, 29 (1933)

T: Boonjie, Atherton Tableland, Qld, 10 Oct. 1929, S.F.Kajewski 1629 ; holo: BRI.

Austrobaileya maculata C.T.White, J. Arnold Arbor. 29: 255 (1948). T: Mt Spurgeon, Sept. 1936, C.T.White 10734 ; holo: BRI.

Illustrations: P.Endress, Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 101: 402–422 (1980); B.D.Morley & H.R.Toelken (eds), Fl. Pl. Australia 38, fig. 12A–B (1983); D.L.Jones & B.Gray, Climbing Pl. Australia 152 (1988); E.Ross, Austrobaileya 3: 164 (1989).

Robust vine. Stems lenticellate; young branchlets smooth, sometimes narrowly winged. Leaves: petiole 1–2.8 cm long; lamina oblong to narrowly ovate, 4.5–20 cm long, 2–9 cm wide, abruptly acuminate, leathery; venation interstitial, reticulate, prominent. Flowers ±pendant, with fetid odour, 5–6 cm diam.; pedicel 7–15 mm long. Tepals 11–23, over-lapping, very variable in size but outermost smallest, 5.5–30 mm long, 6–21 mm wide; outer tepals glossy green; inner tepals creamish green with red to purple dots. Stamens 7–11, ±flat to strongly boat-shaped, 14–17 mm long, 5–9 mm wide, ±acute to truncate or rounded; anthers 3–5 mm long. Staminodes 9–16, 15–17 mm long, narrow, often plicate. Carpels 8 or 9, 6.5–9 mm long; ovary c. 3 mm long, with 4–14 ovules; styles c. 6 mm long. Fruit stalked, ellipsoidal to globose, 5–7 cm long, 4–5 cm diam., fleshy, orange-yellow; stalk 1.5–2 cm long. Seeds whitish, often lenticular. Fig. = cover illustration.

Recorded from the Mt Carbine Tableland area, S to the Walter Hill Ra. near Tully, Qld. Grows in rainforest. Flowers usually Aug.–Sept. Map 18.

Qld: Mt Misery on Mt Carbine Tableland, L.J.Webb & J.G.Tracey 11703 (BRI); T.R. 1230 Boonjie L.A., B.Hyland 6392 (BRI, QRS); Gunbarrel Dr., Cannabullen L.A., via Ravenshoe, L.J.Webb & J.G.Tracey 6185 (BRI); Koolmoon Ck, c. 17.6 km SSE of Ravenshoe, L.S.Smith 4631 (BRI).



Data derived from Flora of Australia volume 2 (2007), a product of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia