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Placospermum coriaceum C.T.White & W.D.Francis, Proc. Roy. Soc. Queensland 35: 79 (1924)

T: Mt Alexander, near Daintree, Qld, coll. unknown ; holo: BRI 011421.

Illustration: J.W.Wrigley & M.Fagg, Banksias, Waratahs & Grevilleas 518 (1989).

Tree 7–30 m tall; glabrous except for pubescent scale leaves and immature stems and petioles. Leaves with slightly recurved margins; intermediate leaves shallowly to deeply 2–10-lobed or entire and narrowly spathulate, to 80 cm long, to 24 cm wide; adult leaves narrowly spathulate to oblanceolate, acute to rounded, 8–25 cm long, 1.6–4.3 cm wide. Inflorescence 2.5–11 cm long; ultimate branches 1–18-flowered. Flowers pink, not opening widely. Posterior tepal 18–20 mm long in bisexual flowers, 12–15 mm long in male flowers. Anther loculi 5–7 mm long; appendage 2–3 mm long. Hypogynous glands 3–5 mm long. Gynoecium 8–9 mm long. Follicle 28–40 mm long, 28–38 mm wide, 22–25 mm thick. Cotyledons 13–20 mm long, 23–30 mm wide. Fig. 36.

Occurs between the Big Tableland and Mt Bellenden Ker, northern Qld. Grows in rainforest, from 180 to 1500 m alt. Flowers Oct.–Nov. Map 3.

Qld: Timber Reserve 165, Alexandra Logging Area, B.P.M.Hyland 10632 (NSW, QRS); Mt Lewis Rd, 28 km from Rex Hwy, P.H.Weston 637 (NSW); Kuranda, L.J.Webb & J.G.Tracey 5713 (BRI); State Forest Reserve 185, Robson Logging Area, B.Gray 2803 (NSW, QRS); summit of Mt Bellenden Ker, B.P.M.Hyland 5346 (BRI, QRS).



Data derived from Flora of Australia Volumes 16 (1995), 17A (2000) and 17B (1999), products of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia