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Alloxylon wickhamii (W.Hill ex F.Muell.) P.H.Weston & Crisp, Telopea 4: 502 (1991)

Embothrium wickhamii W.Hill ex F.Muell., Fragm. 8: 164 (1874); Oreocallis wickhamii (W.Hill ex F.Muell.) Sleumer, Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 76: 203 (1954). T: Bellenden Ker, 2500 ft [762 m] altitude, Qld, [date unknown], W.Hill 204 ; lecto: MEL, fide P.H.Weston & M.D.Crisp, Telopea 4: 502 (1991); Bellenden Ker, Qld, W.Hill 41 ; syn: MEL.

Illustration: J.W.Wrigley & M.Fagg, Banksias, Waratahs & Grevilleas 481 (1989), as Oreocallis wickhamii .

Trees to 30 m tall, 0.6 m d.b.h., glabrate. Adult leaves simple, petiolate, narrowly obovate or occasionally narrowly elliptic, 5–17 cm long, 1–3.5 cm wide, more coriaceous than in A. flammeum , tapered to petiole; apices obtuse or rounded; venation brochidodromous. Intermediate leaves entire, to 41 cm long. Conflorescence corymb-like, 4–20-flowered, solitary or in loosely aggregated bunches of up to 6; bracts subulate or resembling very reduced leaves. Flowers dull pink-red; tepals 2.5–4 cm long; pedicels 1.5–4 cm long. Body of follicle 5.5–12 cm long. n = 11, L.A.S.Johnson & B.G.Briggs, Austral. J. Bot. 11: 24 (1963), as Oreocallis wickhamii . Fig. 170J–K.

Endemic in northern Qld, from Mt Bartle Frere to Cape Tribulation. Found on mountain slopes, growing in rainforest, usually in soils derived from granite or metamorphics, at 200–1220 m alt. Flowers Oct.–Nov. Map 435.

Qld: Compartment 52, State Forest Reserve 194, B.P.M.Hyland 3133 (BRI, CANB, NSW, QRS); Timber Reserve 55, Whyanbeel, B.P.M.Hyland 7748 (BRI, CANB, NSW, QRS); McDowall Ra., 14 Oct. 1984, G.Sankowsky (QRS); above Bobbin Bobbin Falls, WNW ridge of Mt Bartle Frere, P.H.Weston 954 & G.Sankowsky (NSW).

(M.D.Crisp, P.H.Weston)


Data derived from Flora of Australia Volumes 16 (1995), 17A (2000) and 17B (1999), products of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia