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Grevillea ramosissima Meisn. subsp. ramosissima

Illustrations: A.M.Blombery & B.Maloney, Prot. Sydney Reg. 72, 73 (1992); L.F.Costermans, Native Trees & Shrubs SE Australia 164 (1981); P.M.Olde & N.R.Marriott, Grevillea Book 3: 129 (top centre & 100A, B) (1995).

Regenerates from seed and (at least in the S of the range — Canberra, Tumut, Humula) from rhizomes.

Prickly shrub to 1.5 (–3) m tall, sometimes root-suckering. Leaves stiff and leathery; lower surface tomentose with twisted or curly hairs. Floral rachis (20–) 25–40 (–50) mm long. Flower colour: perianth white to cream, sometimes tinged light green or pale yellow; style cream. Fig. 7G–I.

Occurs in eastern N.S.W. on the tablelands and western slopes of the Great Dividing Ra., from the Pilliga Scrub and Coonabarabran area S to Humula near Albury. There is also a single collection from the Parlour Mtns near Guyra. Grows in shrubby understorey of eucalypt woodland in sandy or loamy soils, usually over sandstone or granitic substrates. Flowers Aug.–Nov. Map 60.

N.S.W.: Timor Rock c. 13 km W of Coonabarabran, Sept. 1908, J.L.Boorman NSW129211 (NSW); 'The Drips' on Goulburn R., 9.9 km NNE of Ulan, R.Coveny 9574 (B n.v. , K, NBG n.v. , NSW, PERTH, RSA n.v. ); lower slopes of Mt Jerrabomberra, Queanbeyan, P.J.Darbyshire 1233 (A n.v. , B n.v. , CANB, G, K, L n.v. , MEL, NSW, US n.v. ); Weddin Ra. near NW corner of Weddin State Forest, D.J.McGillivray 3145 & R.Coveny (NSW, PERTH); on a ridge near Mt Solitary, Blue Mtns, Oct. 1950, A.Willows NSW129196 (NSW).

Occasional apparent intergrades with G. triternata occur (see under that species); in other areas the species are fully sympatric without sign of intergrading (e.g. SSW of Mendooran).



Data derived from Flora of Australia Volumes 16 (1995), 17A (2000) and 17B (1999), products of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia