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Grevillea ramosissima subsp. hypargyrea (F.Muell.) Olde & Marriott, Telopea 5: 778 (1994)

Grevillea ramosissima var. hypargyrea F.Muell., Fragm. 8: 150 (1874). T: 'In montibus granitico-rupestribus ad flumen Humei' [protologue]; lecto: Humes [Murray] R., [Vic.], Jan. 1874, F.Mueller ; lecto: MEL, fide P.M.Olde & N.R.Marriott, Telopea 5: 778 (1994); isolecto: MEL.

Illustrations: P.M.Olde & N.R.Marriott, Grevillea Book 3: 129 (bottom right), 130 (101) (1995).

Regenerates from seed and rhizomes.

Prickly shrub to 2 m tall, sometimes root-suckering. Leaves stiff (relatively thin compared to the type subspecies); lower surface sericeous to subsericeous with appressed straight hairs. Floral rachis 45–55 (–100) mm long. Flower colour: perianth white to cream, sometimes tinged light green or pale yellow; style cream. 

Occurs on the upper Murray R. system in far northern Vic., where known only from the Pine Mtn and Cudgewa Bluff area, and from Mt Mittamatite, with one doubtful record from the upper Ovens R. Grows in dry eucalypt woodland in granitic loamy soils among granite outcrops. Flowers mainly Sept.–Dec. Map 61.

Vic.: beside Murray Valley Hwy at foot of Pine Mtn, M.G.Corrick 5982 (MEL, NSW); Mt Mittamatite, alt. 750 m, 7 Oct. 1968, McKinnan (MELU).

Poorly collected, but plants from Mt Mittamatite seem to have consistently smaller leaves.



Data derived from Flora of Australia Volumes 16 (1995), 17A (2000) and 17B (1999), products of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia