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Grevillea adenotricha McGill., New Names Grevillea 1 (1986)

T: Manning Gorge, W.A., 1 Aug. 1973, B.Gill G20 ; holo: QRS.

Illustrations: D.J.McGillivray & R.O.Makinson, Grevillea 203, fig. 54 (1993); P.M.Olde & N.R.Marriott, Grevillea Book 2: 16 (top centre & 8A, B) (1995).

Fire response unknown.

Shrub 0.8–2 m tall. Leaves petiolate, narrowly oblong or narrowly ovate in general outline, 3–6.5 cm long, 15–25 mm wide, serrato-dentate with (6–) 13–25 pungent teeth spaced evenly around margins; base ±truncate to broadly cuneate; margins undulate, not recurved; surfaces similar, ±densely glandular-hispidulous. Conflorescence terminal or axillary, simple, subglobose tending subsecund; floral rachis 1–5? mm long. Pedicels 2–2.5 mm long. Torus extended dorsally well beyond pedicel. Flower colour: perianth red; style pale orange. Perianth glabrous outside, villous inside near base. Pistil 4–6 mm long, glabrous; stipe 1–3 mm long, almost perpendicular to pedicel; style not or scarcely exserted from late bud. Follicle obloid, 9.5–11 mm long, glabrous. Fig. 12H–J.

Occurs in the Kimberley district of W.A., where known only from Manning Gorge, Lushington Brook and the Prince Regent R. Flowers May–Aug. Map 116.

W.A.: Lushington Brook, C.A.Gardner 9567 (PERTH); on plateau above Prince Regent R., May 1985, A.Turner (NSW).

This species is recognised as 'Rare' in J.D.Briggs & J.H.Leigh, Rare or Threatened Australian Plants (1995).

Grevillea adenotricha is a distinctive species, characterised by the leaves with many evenly distributed marginal teeth, the very short pistil, and the dense indumentum of gland-tipped simple hairs occurring on most vegetative parts. This species also has the seed ellipsoidal with a recurved margin bearing a pale wavy rim, and on this feature is likely to be more closely related to G. longicuspis than to other members of this group.



Data derived from Flora of Australia Volumes 16 (1995), 17A (2000) and 17B (1999), products of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia