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Grevillea sarissa S.Moore, J. Linn. Soc. Bot. 34: 222 (1899)

T: Gibraltar [Mt Gibraltar?, W of Coolgardie], W.A., Sept. 1895, S.Moore ; holo: BM.

Shrub 0.6–3.5 m tall. Leaves dorsiventral to dipleural, 1.5–15 (–20) cm long, entire and linear to linear-subterete, or rarely 2- or 3-partite with ascending linear lobes 10–50 mm long; simple leaves and lobes 0.9–2.0 mm wide; lower surface enclosed except for midveins. Conflorescence ±erect, simple to 4-branched, terminal, axillary or often cauline; unit conflorescence wheel-like to subglobose; rachis 2.5–8 mm long; bracts 0.3–1.2 mm long, usually persistent to anthesis. Perianth villous to subsericeous (biramous hairs) to glabrous outside or rarely with simple glandular hairs, glabrous inside. Pistil (16–) 20–30 mm long, reflexed at ovary. Follicle ellipsoidal to slightly obovoid, 12–20 mm long, sometimes apiculate, granulose. 

Grevillea sarissa occurs in drier parts of south-western W.A. and coastal S.A., often near salt lakes and often gregarious. 

While all six subspecies here recognised are intimately related, a case could be made, on comparative grounds with some other species complexes, for raising some or all to species rank. At least two, however, (subsp. bicolor , subsp. succincta ) remain poorly known, and degrees of intergradation in the complex are unclear. McGillivray's (New Names Grevillea 13 (1986); Grevillea 115 (1993)) rankings are retained here, but further study is needed.

Six subspecies are recognised.


1 Leaves dorsiventral, leaves or lobes clearly wider than thick; lower surface 2-grooved


1: Leaves dipleural (leaves and lobes with a lateral groove on each side, abaxial midvein very prominent), ±as wide as thick


2 Outer surface of perianth glabrous or sparsely sericeous (hairs if present mostly confined to limb)

subsp. sarissa

2: Outer surface of perianth densely or conspicuously hairy over most or all of surface


3 Outer surface of perianth with spreading hairs (subvillous)

subsp. umbellifera

3: Outer surface of perianth with appressed hairs


4 Most leaves < 6 cm long; usually at least some leaves 2- or 3-partite

subsp. succincta

4: Most leaves > 8 cm long; usually all leaves simple, occasionally2- or 3-partite

subsp. anfractifolia

5 Outer surface of perianth with mostly appressed hairs; perianth ±straight over most of its length

subsp. rectitepala

5: Outer surface of perianth with mostly spreading hairs; perianth markedly reflexed at level of ovary in late bud

subsp. bicolor


Data derived from Flora of Australia Volumes 16 (1995), 17A (2000) and 17B (1999), products of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia