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Grevillea tripartita Meisn., in A.L.P.P. de Candolle, Prodr. 14: 373 (1856)

T: Swan River Colony, W.A., c. 1848, J.Drummond 6th coll: 285 ; lecto: NY, fide D.J.McGillivray & R.O.Makinson, Grevillea 445 (1993); isolecto: A n.v. , BM, CGE n.v. , E, FI n.v. , G, K, LE n.v. , MEL, P n.v. , PERTH.

Grevillea tripartita Meisn., Hooker's J. Bot. Kew Gard. Misc. 4: 186 (1852), nom. nud.  

Erect to spreading, rarely decumbent, shrub (0.6–) 1–3 m high. Leaves 1–5 cm long, to 35 mm wide across lobes, usually apically 3 (–5)-fid to deeply 3 (–7)-partite, occasionally with some (rarely most or all) leaves entire and elliptic or narrowly so and 1–4 cm long by 2–5 (–9) mm wide; lobes ascending, sometimes divaricate, often rigid, broadly triangular to sublinear, 2–22 mm long, 1.5–3 mm wide, pungent; margins shortly refracted; lower surface sometimes enclosed, subsericeous to subvillous. Conflorescences terminal and in upper axils, often clustered, ±sessile, erect; unit conflorescence a loose 2–6-flowered cluster, basipetal; rachis 0.2–4 mm long, subsericeous or glandular-pubescent. Flowers basiscopic. Perianth with appressed biramous and simple-erect glandular hairs outside, pilose inside. Pistil 46–52 mm long, glabrous; ovary with a conspicuous rounded outgrowth on each flank. Follicles 12–18 mm long, glabrous, with a conspicuous transverse ventral ridge on each flank perpendicular to and across the ventral suture, colliculose elsewhere. 

Occurs in southern W.A. near the coast from E of the Stirling Ra. to near Point Culver. 

McGillivray & Makinson (Grevillea 445 (1993)) synonymised G. macrostylis under G. tripartita without even informal distinction; Olde & Marriott (Grevillea Book 3: 210 (1995)) recognised them as separate species, reporting some sympatry without apparent intermediates. The two are distinguishable on limited foliar features only, and intermediates do occur in areas of sympatry or near sympatry, especially in the area from Hamersley R. to East Mt Barren. In the latter locality, plants with all leaves entire have been recorded. Two subspecies are recognised here.


Divided leaves deeply 3–7-partite with ±divaricate lobes; leaf margins strongly refracted about intramarginal vein, enclosing most or all of lower surface on either side of midvein

subsp. tripartita

Divided leaves shallowly toothed or 3–5-fid or -partite, ±flat (lobes not divaricate); leaf margins slightly recurved, concealing little or none of lower surface

subsp. macrostylis


Data derived from Flora of Australia Volumes 16 (1995), 17A (2000) and 17B (1999), products of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia