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Grevillea parviflora subsp. supplicans Makinson, Fl. Australia 17A: 501 (2000)

T: Berrilee, c. 32 km (direct) NNW of Sydney GPO, 1.9 km by road from Berowra Waters Ferry (W bank terminus) towards Glenorie, N.S.W., 24 Sept. 1993, R.O.Makinson 1294 ; holo: NSW; iso: AD, BRI, CANB, G, HO, K, MEL, MO, NE, PERTH.

Grevillea linearifolia 'form d, narrower-leaved Sydney form', of D.J.McGillivray & R.O.Makinson, Grevillea 343, 348 (1993). 

Grevillea parviflora 'Maroota-Berrilee form', of P.M.Olde & N.R.Marriott, Grevillea Book 3: 80 (1995). 

Illustration: P.M.Olde & N.R.Marriott, Grevillea Book 3: 80 (58B) (1995), as Grevillea parviflora .

Regenerates from seed and possibly also suckers. Insect-pollinated.

Low shrub 0.3–0.6 (–1.0) m tall. Major branches spreading; branchlets usually strongly secund with leaves held skywards. Leaves 0.6–2 (–3) mm wide. Flower colour: perianth white with rusty brown hairs on limb; style white, sometimes becoming red with age. Stipe of ovary 0.5–0.6 mm long. Fig. 22C.

Endemic to N.S.W., occurring NW of Sydney at Berrilee near Arcadia, and in the Maroota to Marramarra Ck area. Grows in heathy woodland associations in skeletal sandy soils over sandstones. Flowers Aug.–Nov. Map 214.

N.S.W.: N Maroota, 14 Oct. 1961, L.H.Williams (CANB, NSW); Berrilee, Arcadia, H.S.McKee 819 (K, MEL, NSW); Coba Ridge, Marramarra Natl Pk, L.McDougall 75 & B.Bishop (K, NSW); Maroota [State] Forest, W of Old Northern Rd, R.G.Coveny 15492 et al. (B n.v. , K, MEL, NBG n.v. , NSW, PERTH, RSA n.v. ); Glenorie, Nov. 1929, A.H.Winter (NSW).

Subsp. supplicans sometimes grows sympatrically with G. linearifolia , with no known indications of interbreeding.



Data derived from Flora of Australia Volumes 16 (1995), 17A (2000) and 17B (1999), products of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia