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Grevillea cyranostigma McGill., Telopea 1: 20 (1975)

T: Mt Playfair, Qld, 1890–1895, Mrs Biddulph s.n. ; holo: MEL.

Illustrations: P.M.Olde & N.R.Marriott, Grevillea Book 2: 110 (top left & 88A–C) (1995).

Regenerates from seed and possibly also from lignotuber. Presumed bird-pollinated.

Spreading shrub 0.5–2 m tall. Branchlets terete, tomentose to subsericeous. Leaves narrowly oblong to narrowly oblong-ovate, 2–5.5 cm long, 5–11 mm wide; upper surface glabrous, glossy, with midvein evident; margins almost flat or recurved; lower surface subsericeous. Conflorescence axillary and terminal, usually decurved and pedunculate (peduncle to 15 mm long), few-flowered in a loose cluster; floral rachis 6–12 mm long. Flowers adaxially acroscopic. Flower colour: perianth and style pale green; style sometimes becoming reddish. Perianth almost glabrous outside with a few appressed hairs at base and on limb, bearded inside. Pistil 16–17.5 mm long; style gently incurved, minutely pubescent in apical 5–10 mm; pollen-presenter lateral. Follicle ovoid to ellipsoidal, 14–15 mm long, colliculose, sometimes faintly viscid. 

Occurs in central Qld, endemic to the Carnarvon Ra. and adjacent area. Grows in eucalypt woodland or open forest, often on rocky slopes or cliffs, in sandy soil over sandstone. Flowers June–Oct. Map 249.

Qld: 'Alice Wells' on N boundary of Mt Playfair Stn, D.F.Blaxell 1453 & J.Armstrong (BRI, K, NSW, PERTH); Mt Playfair Stn, Aug. 1956, M.M.Biddulph 30 (BRI); Arch Chasm, Carnarvon Natl Park, Aug. 1976, W.Morley (BRI); Carnarvon Ra., c. 52 km S of Rolleston, Moolayember Gap, I.R.Telford 5800 (A n.v. , BISH n.v. , BRI, CANB, NSW); N of Injune on Rolleston Rd at crossing of the Great Divide, D.F.Blaxell 1507 & J.Armstrong (BRI, NSW).

This species is recognised as 'Rare' in J.D.Briggs & J.H.Leigh, Rare or Threatened Australian Plants (1995).



Data derived from Flora of Australia Volumes 16 (1995), 17A (2000) and 17B (1999), products of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia