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Grevillea annulifera F.Muell., Fragm. 4: 85 (1864)
Prickly Plume Grevillea

T: Murchison [R.], W.A., Mar. 1859, [A.F. ]Oldfield ; lecto: MEL, fide D.J.McGillivray & R.O.Makinson, Grevillea 404 (1993); prob. isolecto: K, MEL, NSW, PERTH.

Illustrations: R.Erickson et al. , Fl. & Pl. W. Australia 105, t. 313 (1973, 1979); D.Hockings, Austral. J. Bot. 29: 511, fig. 2 (1981); P.M.Olde & N.R.Marriott, Grevillea Book 2: 29 (bottom centre & 19A), 30 (19B, C) (1995).

Regenerates from seed.

Shrub 2–4 m tall, almost glabrous. Leaves dorsiventral, 3–7 cm long, usually pinnatisect with 5–9 ±spreading divaricate lobes, rarely 2- or 3-lobed or entire; simple leaves and lobes linear, rigid, pungent, 1.5–3.5 cm long, 1–2 mm wide; margins angularly revolute to midveins; surfaces dissimilar, with lower surface 2-grooved, tomentose in grooves. Conflorescence terminal, erect to decurved on emergent flowering branches, usually paniculately 3–9-branched; unit conflorescence cylindrical, acropetal; ultimate floral rachis (50–) 80–170 mm long. Flowers usually transverse and ventrally extrorse. Flower colour: perianth cream or pale yellow; style after anthesis becoming pink then red. Perianth glabrous outside, bearded inside near base. Nectary annular. Pistil 28–35 mm long, glabrous; pollen-presenter very oblique to almost lateral, convex to broadly conical. Follicle globose to fat-lenticular, 27–29 mm long, glabrous, smooth. Fig. 34A–D.

Occurs in south-western W.A. in the lower Murchison R. region from Cooloomia Nature Reserve to Yuna. The species is reported to occur also in the Shark Bay area (Olde & Marriott, Grevillea Book 29 (1995); W.V.Fitzgerald, J. Proc. Mueller Bot. Soc. W. Australia 1: 57 (1903)), and extend to the Gascoyne R. (Fitzgerald, loc. cit. ), but this is not confirmed from specimens seen. Grows on sandplains, in low heath and mallee shrubland in yellow sand or red sand. Flowers June–Oct.; strong fetid floral scent. Map 374.

W.A.: North West Coastal Hwy 11.3 km N of Murchison R. bridge, R.Filson 8582 (MEL); 41.8 km N of Murchison R. bridge, C.A.Gardner 2296 (PERTH); Cooloomia Nature Reserve, 17 km WSW of Cooloomia HS, S.D.Hopper 1388 (PERTH); edge of Kalbarri Natl Park, c. 17 km from North West Coastal Hwy, D.J.McGillivray 3350 & A.S.George (NSW, PERTH); 6 km E of Yuna, c. 65 km NE of Geraldton, B.G.Muir 511 (PERTH).

This species is recognised as 'Poorly Known' in J.D.Briggs & J.H.Leigh, Rare or Threatened Australian Plants (1995).

Grevillea annulifera can be confused with G. candicans , which has hairy branchlets, the leaf rachis ±straight, shorter pedicels (< 4 mm long), and the fruit an indehiscent nut (G. annulifera has glabrous branchlets, leaf rachis deflexed at each node, pedicels 5–9 mm long, and fruit a dehiscent follicle). The seed of both is unwinged and hemispherical.



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