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Banksia ser. Crocinae

Banksia ser. Crocinae A.S.George, Nuytsia 3: 337 (1981)

Type: Banksia prionotes Lindl.

Erect trees or shrubs. Leaves alternate, dentate or triangular-lobed; margins flat or recurved. Inflorescence erect, cylindrical; buds retaining regular pattern until anthesis. Perianth villous; tepals not awned. Pistil curved; pollen presenter narrow with small median swelling, finely ribbed; pollen cylindrical or ovoid. Follicles split at stylar point. Seed wing notched. 

A closely knit series of four species in south-western W.A. 

Follicles opening with fire, or (in B. prionotes ) when mature.






Data derived from Flora of Australia Volumes 16 (1995), 17A (2000) and 17B (1999), products of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia