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Banksia ericifolia L.f. subsp. ericifolia

Banksia ericifolia L.f. var. ericifolia , Nuytsia 3: 399 (1981).

Illustrations: C.E.Rosser & A.S.George, Banksias I: pl. 3 (1981) as var. ericifolia ; A.S.George, Banksia Book 3rd edn, 183, 184, fig. 51 p.p. , pl. 76 (1996).

Seedling leaves with 2–6 teeth on each margin. Perianth 19–22 mm long. Pistil 30–35 mm long. Fig. 34C, D.

Occurs near the central coast of N.S.W. and on adjacent ranges between Collaroy and Jervis Bay. In deep sand, sandy loam, or sand over sandstone, in shrubland and woodland; sometimes in semi-swampy places. Flowers Apr.–Aug. Map 238.

N.S.W.: 'Artillery Hill', Royal Natl Park, R.Coveny 2890 (NSW, W); Bulls Camp near Linden, Blue Mtns, A.S.George 13042 (CANB, NSW, PERTH); near summit, Mt Pindari, Kanangra Tops, L.A.S.Johnson NSW137972 (NSW); Merula State Forest, near Moss Vale, D.J.McGillivray 888 (NSW); Wentworth Falls, Blue Mtns, R.Melville 627 (MEL).

Appears to hybridise with B. spinulosa var. spinulosa , e.g. Pigeon House Ra., 27 Aug. 1952, J.E.Gauba (MEL).



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