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Banksia sphaerocarpa var. dolichostyla A.S.George, Nuytsia 3: 422 (1981)

Banksia dolichostyla (A.S.George) K.R.Thiele, in K.R.Thiele & P.Y.Ladiges, Austral. Syst. Bot. 9: 719 (1996). T: just SSE of South Ironcap, E of L. Varley, W.A., 14 March 1978, A.S.George 15106 ; holo: PERTH; iso: CANB, NSW, PERTH.

Illustrations: A.S.George, Banksia Book 202, 203, fig. 59C, pl. 87 (1984).

Differs from the other two varieties in the longer perianth (49–55 mm long) and the longer pistil (50–65 mm long). Has the large habit, glaucous foliage, golden flowers and small follicles of var. caesia

Restricted to a small area from Mt Holland to South Ironcap, east of Hyden. W.A. In laterite,in shrubland and open woodland. Flowers Mar.–May. Map 249.

W.A.: North Ironcap, G.J.Keighery 1644 (PERTH); near Mt Holland, 1 Sept. 1978, P.Luscombe (PERTH).

Listed as 'Vulnerable' in the ANZECC Threatened Flora List 1997.

Thiele (Thiele & Ladiges, 1996) raised this to specific rank on the basis of its larger flowers and old styles that are 'stouter and do not curl around [the infructescence]'. In material that I have seen the old styles curl to varying degrees, sometimes approaching the condition in the other varieties of B. sphaerocarpa . I do not consider this a character strong enough to justify specific rank. The variety is similar to var. caesia in all respects except the larger flower size. I have not seen the material studied by Thiele.



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