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Banksia telmatiaea A.S.George, Nuytsia 3: 436 (1981)
Swamp Fox Banksia

T: c. 45 km N of Regans Ford, W.A., 14 May 1969, A.S.George 9303 ; holo: PERTH; iso: CANB.

Illustrations: A.S.George, Banksia Book 214, 215, fig. 65, pl. 93 (1984); C.E.Rosser & A.S.George, Banksias III: pl. 62 (in press).

Shrub to 2 m tall, usually taller than wide, without lignotuber. Stems tomentose. Leaves: petiole 1.5–2 mm long; lamina narrowly linear, commonly 1.5–3 cm long, 1–1.3 mm wide, obtuse to acute; upper surface pubescent, glabrescent. Inflorescence 3–5 cm long; involucral bracts 3–4 mm long, tomentose. Flowers golden brown to pale brown; styles cream. Perianth 22–25 mm long including limb of 4 mm, hirsute outside and inside. Pistil hooked, 25–29 mm long, glabrous; pollen presenter narrow, 1 mm long. Old flowers persistent. Follicles up to 65, narrowly elliptic, 12–20 mm long, 4–9 mm high, 4–7 mm wide, smooth, hirsute. Seed obovate, 19–23 mm long; seed body oblong, 10–13 mm long, 2–3 mm wide, smooth. Fig. 36E–H.

Occurs near the lower west coast of W.A. between Badgingarra and Serpentine. In deep grey sandy loam, often wet in winter, in scrub, occasionally in low woodland. Flowers May–Aug. Map 252.

W.A.: Serpentine, L.Diels & E.Pritzel 411 (PERTH); University Reserve, Cannington, R.Melville 7 & R.D.Royce (K, MEL).

Killed by fire and regenerates from seed; follicles usually opening with fire. In the late bud stage the inflorescence assumes a shortly cylindrical aspect. Related to B. leptophylla which has longer leaves and larger flowers, and the inflorescence rounded through all stages.



Data derived from Flora of Australia Volumes 16 (1995), 17A (2000) and 17B (1999), products of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia