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Dryandra sessilis var. cordata (Meisn.) A.S.George, Nuytsia 10: 329 (1996)

Dryandra floribunda var. cordata Meisn., in J.G.C.Lehmann, Pl. Preiss. 2: 265 (1848). T: south-western W.A., 1840s, J.Drummond 2: 344 ; holo: NY; iso: BM, K, MEL.

Dryandra floribunda var. major Benth., Fl. Austral. 5: 569 (1870). T: Cape Naturaliste, W.A., A.Oldfield ; holo: K; iso: MEL.

Shrub to 3 m tall. Stems pubescent and long-hirsute, glabrescent. Leaves sessile or gradually narrowed to petiole to 3 mm long; lamina cuneate to oblong, 3–6 cm long, 20–40 mm wide, serrate to base or across top only, commonly auriculate; margins in lower half straight to convex. Flowers c. 125 per head. Perianth 30–33 mm long; limb 3 mm long. Pistil 29–32 mm long; pollen presenter 1.3–1.5 mm long. Follicles 13–14 mm long. Fig. 37C.

Occurs from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin and east to Walpole, W.A. Grows in sand over limestone, in coastal heath. Flowers July–Oct. Map 270.

W.A.: Cape Leeuwin, A.C.Beauglehole 12511 (PERTH); Crystal L., J.W.Green 1047 (PERTH); Mandalay Beach Rd, Walpole–Nornalup Natl Park, S.D.Hopper 5742 (PERTH); Cape Naturaliste, G.J.Keighery 3416 (PERTH).

Differs from var. sessilis in its usually larger leaves and larger flowers. Leaves usually darker green than in other varieties.

Since publication of the Flora of Australia the Australian Plant Census accepts A.R.Mast & K.R.Thiele's transfer of Dryandra to Banksia in Austral. Syst. Bot. 20: 63–71 (2007). As a result this taxon is treated under Banksia sessilis var. cordata .



Data derived from Flora of Australia Volumes 16 (1995), 17A (2000) and 17B (1999), products of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia