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Dryandra subpinnatifida C.A.Gardner var. subpinnatifida

Illustration: R.M.Sainsbury, Field Guide Dryandra 103 (1985).

Involucral bracts to 20 mm long; flowers 40–50 per head; floral bracts linear, 1 mm long, obtuse, hirsute. Perianth 27–28 mm long; limb 3.2–3.7 mm long, hirsute, with hairs longer towards apex. Pistil 37–41 mm long; pollen presenter cylindrical to narrowly ovoid, noticeably thickened at base, 1–1.2 mm long. 

Occurs between Pingelly and Narrogin, W.A. Grows in gravelly loam over laterite in thick scrub, sometimes with emergent Eucalyptus drummondii . Flowers July–Aug. Map 291.

W.A.: just E of Dryandra settlement, A.S.George 16622 (PERTH); W of Pingelly, F.Lullfitz 1800 (PERTH); Narrogin, Oct. 1944, A.J.Milesi (PERTH); Dryandra State Forest, D.M.Rose 270 (PERTH).

Since publication of the Flora of Australia the Australian Plant Census accepts A.R.Mast & K.R.Thiele's transfer of Dryandra to Banksia in Austral. Syst. Bot. 20: 63–71 (2007). As a result this taxon is treated under Banksia subpinnatifida var. subpinnatifida .



Data derived from Flora of Australia Volumes 16 (1995), 17A (2000) and 17B (1999), products of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia