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Heterodendrum pubescens S.T.Reynolds, Austrobaileya 1: 485 (1982)

T: Eidsvold, Qld, Sept. 1915, T.L.Bancroft ; holo: BRI.

Illustration: S.T.Reynolds, Austrobaileya 1: fig. 37K (1982).

Tree to 6 m. Branchlets, petioles and fruits densely pubescent. Leaves obovate, broadly cuneate, truncate, obtuse or retuse, coarsely serrate, serrulate, subentire, rarely entire, cuneate at base, 3.5–9 cm long, 1.5–4.5 cm wide, puberulent or glabrous; petioles 3–10 mm long. Flowers 3.5 mm diam., solitary or in small racemes to 2.5 cm long; pedicels 5–10 mm long, puberulent. Calyx lobes ovate, 1.5 mm long and wide, puberulent. Stamens 8; filaments 1.5 mm long. Fruit 1-lobed, rarely 2-lobed, lobes globose, 1.2–1.4 cm long and wide; pericarp drying thick and hard, ±woody, rusty velvety outside. 

Occurs in south-eastern Qld. Grows on rocky outcrops. Map 24.

Qld: Brian Pastures near Gayndah, S.T.Blake 18913 (BRI); Mt Russel, c. 26 km SW of Oakey, D.Hockings 17 (BRI). H. pubescens is very close to H. diversifolium differing only in the hairy branchlets and fruits and the broad leaves.

Since publication of the Flora of Australia treatment the Australian Plant Census recognises this taxon as a synonym of Alectryon pubescens .



Data derived from Flora of Australia Volume 25 (1985), a product of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia