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Alectryon kimberleyanus S.T.Reynolds, Austrobaileya 1: 477 (1982)

T: Lone Dingo, Mitchell Plateau, W.A., 14°35'S, 125°45'E, Feb. 1979, J.S.Beard 8484 ; holo: PERTH.

Illustration: S.T.Reynolds, Austrobaileya 1: fig. 37F (1982).

Shrub or small tree to 5 m. Young parts and branchlets pale crispate tomentose to puberulous. Leaf rachis 0.5–1.5 cm long; leaflets 1 or 2 pairs, obovate or obovate-elliptic, broadly obtuse or retuse, entire or coarsely dentate (juvenile leaves), obtuse, truncate, unequal at base, 2–5.5 cm long, 1.5–2.5 cm wide, glabrous, or lower surface puberulous; petiolule to 2 mm long; petiole 0.5–2.2 cm long. Flowers not seen. Fruit broadly depressed obovoid to ovoid, 1–1.2 cm 1.8–2.3 cm diam., turgid, not lobed, 2- or 3-locular; pericarp thick, hard, drying ±woody, velvety outside. Aril granular. 

Occurs on the Mitchell Plateau, N Kimberley, W.A. Grows in semi-deciduous rainforest. Map 30.

W.A.: towards Port Warrender, K.F.Kenneally 6675 (PERTH); Surveyors vine thicket, Mitchell Plateau, K.F.Kenneally 5103 (PERTH); near Crusher Pool, Mitchell Plateau, J.G.Tracey 13962 (BRI).

This species has similar leaves to Alectryon subdentatus but differs in its crispate indumentum and in the absence of any lobing or grooves on the fruit.



Data derived from Flora of Australia Volume 25 (1985), a product of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia