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Lepiderema pulchella Radlk., in A.Engler & K.Prantl, Nat. Pflanzenfam. Nachtr. 3 to 3(5): 206 (1907)

T: cultivated at Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, N.S.W., Dec. 1896, from unknown locality, sent by J.H.Maiden ; n.v.

Illustration: S.T.Reynolds, Austrobaileya 1: fig. 39C (1982).

Tree to 15 m. Branchlets, leaves and peduncles glabrous. Leaf rachis 2–6.5 cm long; leaflets 2–4 pairs, sometimes 1, narrowly oblong-ovate to elliptic, ±falcate, tapering, bluntly acuminate, entire, oblique and attenuate at base, 4–8 cm long, 1–2.3 cm wide; petiolules to 3 mm long; petiole 1.5–2.5 cm long. Panicles axillary, 5.5–12 cm long, openly flowered; pedicels 2–3.5 mm long. Calyx lobes 1.5–3.5 mm long. Petals yellow-orange. Fruit subglobose, shortly attenuate at base, or ellipsoidal, 0.8–1.4 cm long, 0.8–1 cm diam., brown. Aril yellow. Fig. 11G–K.

Occurs from south-eastern Qld to Tweed River, N.S.W. Grows on creek and river banks and at edge of rainforest. Map 64.

Qld: Currumbin Ck, Sept. 1980 & Dec. 1981, L.H.Bird (BRI); Warrie National Park, Springbrook, June 1978, W.J.F.McDonald & L.W.Jessup (BRI). N.S.W.: Hopkins Ck, near Murwillumbah, Sept. 1965, C.E.Lemaire (BRI, NSW); Terranora, Dec. 1961, A.S.Tricks (BRI).

Close to Lepiderema punctulata differing in its narrow, shortly stalked leaflets and orange-yellow flowers.



Data derived from Flora of Australia Volume 25 (1985), a product of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia