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Elattostachys nervosa (F.Muell.) Radlk., Act. Congr. Bot. Amsterdam 112 (1877), =Sapind. Holl.-Ind. 42 (1879)

Cupania nervosa F.Muell., Trans. & Proc. Philos. Inst. Victoria 3: 27 (1859) (as onervosa ); Cupania xylocarpa var. nervosa (F.Muell.) C.Moore, Handb. Fl. New South Wales 91 (1893). T: Richmond River, N.S.W., C.Moore ; syn: n.v. ; Moreton Bay, Qld, and Richmond River N.S.W., W.Hill & F.Mueller ; syn: MEL 84184.

Tree to 12 m. Branchlets and leaf axes shortly appressed-pubescent, soon glabrous. Leaf rachis 3–8 cm long; leaflets 4–6, narrowly ovate or elliptic, acuminate or acute, usually falcate, entire or remotely serrulate, acute or obtuse and oblique at base, 9–18.5 cm long, 2–4.5 cm wide, glabrous, thickly coriaceous, glossy; midrib raised especially below, domatia absent; petiolule 3–5 mm long; petiole 4–5 cm long. Inflorescence 2.5–6.5 cm long; pedicels 2.5–4 mm long. Calyx lobes elliptic, 2–2.5 mm long, usually ±appressed tomentose. Petals ovate, 2.5–3.5 mm long, narrowly clawed. Filaments 1–2.5 mm long, glabrous. Fruit obovoid or subglobose, 1–2 cm long and wide, slightly ridged, verrucose, glabrous outside, pink or red. Aril red-purple, broadly bifurcate. Fig. 13G–H.

Occurs from south-eastern Qld to Williams River, N.S.W. Grows in rainforest, usually in hilly country. Map 90.

Qld: State Forest 283 Colinton, L.W.Jessup & W.J.F.McDonald 83 (BRI); near Imbil, R.Larson 9 (BRI); Beechmont, L.W.Jessup & S.T.Reynolds 160 ; Mt Mellum, Glasshouse Mtns, C.L.Wilson 694 (BRI). N.S.W.: Coneac district, J.Vickery NSW 106408 (NSW).

Elattostachys nervosa differs from E. xylocarpa and E. megalantha by its glabrous fruits and leaflets which are long and usually subfalcate and strongly nerved.



Data derived from Flora of Australia Volume 25 (1985), a product of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia