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Dampiera hederacea R.Br., Prodr. 588 (1810)

T: King George Sound, [W.A.], Dec. 1801, R.Brown ; holo: BM.

Illustration: R.Erickson et al. , Fl. Pl. W. Australia 58, fig. 149 (1973).

Spreading to decumbent perennial to 40 cm long, tomentose with brownish type i hairs, glabrescent. Leaves lanceolate to broadly ovate, ±cordate at base, lobed or toothed, tomentose on both surfaces; lamina 9–40 mm long, 3–32 mm wide; petiole 2–7 mm long. Flowers in cymo-panicles; inflorescence branches 1–3 together, 3–7-flowered, 5–46 mm long; pedicel 2–4 mm long; bracteoles oblong-elliptic, 2–3 mm long. Sepals 0.5–0.7 mm long. Corolla 7–10 mm long; hairs outside not appressed, type i and ii, grey; wings 1.5–2.2 mm wide, much smaller above auricle; calli obsolete. Ovary 1.2–1.7 mm; ovule erect. Fruit cylindrical, to 3 mm long. Fig. 23I, 32E.

Occurs in extreme south-western W.A. S of Waroona. Found in Karri (Eucalyptus diversicolor ) forest and similar sites. Flowers chiefly Aug.–Jan. Map 61.

W.A.: near Waroona Dam, Darling Ra., P.G.Wilson 3724 (PERTH); Big Brook, between Margaret River and Cowaramup, T.A.Halliday 235 (AD, PERTH); c. 9 km S of Northcliffe, A.S.George 2643 (PERTH); Denmark, C.A.Gardner 5001 (PERTH); near road from Denmark to Walpole, H.Eichler 16116 (AD).

Similar to Dampiera haematotricha which has sessile leaves without cordate bases.

(M.T.M.Rajput, R.C.Carolin)


Data derived from Flora of Australia Volume 35 (1992), a product of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia