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Crinum asiaticum var. pedunculatum (R.Br.) Fosberg & Sachet, Micronesica 20: 131 (1987); the epithet means provided with a peduncle, from the Latin pedunculus and the suffix -atum , indicating possession.

Crinum pedunculatum R.Br., Prodr. 297 (1810). T: Port Jackson, New South Wales, R.Brown ; holo: BM.

Crinum norfolkianum A.Cunn. ex Heward, London J. Bot. 1: 123 (1842). T: Norfolk Is., A.Cunningham ; holo: not traced.

Illustrations: W.R.Elliot & D.L.Jones, Encycl. Austral. Pl. 3: 110 (1984); H.J.Hewson, Fl. Australia 45: 371, fig. 111E (1987).

Coarse herb to 2 m with false stem of compact leaf bases, 10–15 cm diam. Leaves up to 1.5 m long, up to 15 cm broad. Scape to 1.5 m tall, 25–50-flowered; pedicels 2.5–5 cm long. Perianth white; tube slender, 4.5–8 cm long, scarcely dilated at apex; lobes narrowly lanceolate-linear, 4–6 cm long, 0.5–0.8 mm broad. Filaments 3–5 cm long, distally purple; anthers 12–16 mm long. Style 2.5–4.5 cm long, filiform, purple. 

Norfolk Is., Lord Howe Is. Also native to coastal areas of Australia, from N.S.W. to the N.T., New Guinea, Micronesia and Cocos (Keeling) Is. Although probably native on Lord Howe Is., near North Bay and Old Gulch and on Roach Is., there has been some doubt about its status on Norfolk Is. R.M.Laing (Trans. & Proc. New Zealand Inst. 47: 21, 1915) believed it was ‘evidently introduced in convict times; it still survives along Watermill Creek’. 

N.Is.: near Kingston, J.D.McComish 121 (K, NSW); s. loc. , 1902, J.H.Maiden & J.L.Boorman (NSW); s. loc., W.Laing (CHR). L.H.Is.: North Beach, I.R.H.Telford 7051 & M.D.Crisp (CBG); between North Beach and Old Gulch, R.D.Hoogland 8690 (NSW); swamp at North Bay, I.Hutton 615 (K).

As has been pointed out by H.J.Hewson in Fl. Australia 45: 369 (1987), the genus Crinum needs revision. For some time I have doubted the specific distinctiveness of Crinum pedunculatum R.Br. when compared with Crinum asiaticum L., and have come to the conclusion, followed here, that F.R.Fosberg & M.-H.Sachet are correct in treating the former as a variety of the latter. Although Crinum norfolkianum is listed in J.Leigh, J.Briggs & W.Hartley, Rare or Threatened Austral. Pl. 125 (1981), it is not certain that the plants presently on Norfolk Is. are the same as those that were described by Cunningham, and its distinctness as a species is very doubtful indeed.


Data derived from Flora of Australia Volume 49 (1994), a product of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia