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Epilobium brunnescens (Cockayne) P.H.Raven & Engelhorn subsp. brunnescens; epithet from brunneus (brown) with the participle -escens (becoming) presumably referring to the leaves.

Epilobium pedunculare var. brunnescens Cockayne, Trans. New Zealand Inst. 50: 171 (1918). T: cultivated plant, collected on Mt Egmont, Taranaki, New Zealand, 2 Jan. 1918, L.Cockayne 3729 ; lecto: AK, fide P.H.Raven & T.G.Engelhorn, New Zealand J. Bot. 9: 350 (1971).

[Epilobium neteroides auct. non A.Cunn.: R.Melville, Kew Bull. 14: 296 (1953)] 

Illustrations: P.H.Raven & T.E.Raven, New Zealand DSIR Tech. Bull. 216: figs 132–135 (1976).

Leaves ovate to rotund, leathery, rounded at tip and base, green but often flushed purple particularly on undersurface, entire or with 1–3 very small blunt teeth each side; lamina 4–5 mm long and wide, sometimes to 9 mm long and 7 mm wide; petiole 0.8 mm long. n = 18, P.H.Raven & T.E.Raven, New Zealand DSIR Tech. Bull. 216: 263 (1976). 

Macquarie Is. Extends from New Zealand (North, South and Stewart Is.) to Auckland, Campbell and Macquarie Is. Widespread but rare in a range of open habitats (boggy herbfields, screes, creek banks), particularly where rabbits have eaten other vegetation. Flowers and fruits from about Dec.–Feb. 

M.Is.: N end of island, 15 Jan. 1949, N.R.Laird (AD, CHR, HO, MEL); Hasselborough Bay, R.D.Seppelt 12197 (HO, MEL); Bauer Bay, R.D.Seppelt 12547 (HO, MEL); Sandy Bay, R.D.Seppelt 12660 (AD, AK, CHR, HO, MEL, NSW, VALD); Gadgets Gully, R.D.Seppelt 12770 (AD, HO, MEL).


Data derived from Flora of Australia volume 50 (1993), a product of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia