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Angiopteris evecta (G.Forst.) Hoffm., Commentat. Soc. Regiae Sci. Gott. 12: 29 (1796)

Polypodium evectum G.Forst., Fl. Ins. Austr. 81 (1786). T: Society Is., G.Forster s.n. ; ?iso: BM.

Angiopteris elongata Hieron., Hedwigia 61: 261–263 (1919). T: Brisbane, Qld, A.Dietrich ; holo: ?B n.v.

Illustrations: D.L.Jones & S.C.Clemesha, Austral. Ferns & Fern Allies 2nd edn, 76, fig. 55 (1981); D.L.Jones, Encycl. Ferns 345 (1987).

Fronds to 5 m or more long, arching. Stipe to 2 m long, up to two-thirds of leaf length, ±smooth. Lamina 2-pinnate, deltoid, to 3.2 m long and 2.5 m wide. Pinnae ±linear-lanceolate, alternate, c. 9 pairs, to 150 cm long and 45 cm wide. Pinnules 29–40 pairs, opposite to subopposite, sometimes becoming alternate towards pinna apex, to 30 cm long and 2 cm wide, ±parallel-sided; base unequal to cuneate; margins scarcely serrulate; apex long-acuminate and more strongly toothed. Sori submarginal, with 10–15 sporangia. Fig. 48A.

Occurs in northern N.T., eastern Qld and north-eastern N.S.W. Also throughout the Palaeotropics. Grows in clay or sandy soil on banks and in gullies in rainforest, from 7–290 m altitude. Map 69.

N.T.: E escarpment of Arafura Swamp, J.Russell-Smith 3927 & D.Lucas (AD, BRI, CANB, DNA, K, MEL, NSW, PERTH); 16 km N of Mirrngadja, Arnhem Land, G.Leach 1562 & C.Dunlop (BM, DNA). Qld: Mossman R. Gorge, L.J.Brass 2110 (A, BM); Palm Grove Track, c. 1.5 km towards Broken R., Eungella Natl Park, South Kennedy District, R.J.Chinnock 8465 & P.D.Bostock (AD, BRI). N.S.W.: Cudgera Ck, R.Coveny 9924 & L.Haegi (B, BM, K, NSW, US, Z).

(Josephine M.Camus)


Data derived from Flora of Australia Volume 48 (1998), a product of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia