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Callitris endlicheri (Parl.) F.M.Bailey, Syn. Queensland Fl. 497 (1883)
Black Cypress, Black Pine, Red Cypress

Frenela endlicheri Parl., in A.L.P.P. de Candolle, Prodr. 16(2): 449 (1868). T: Futters Range, Vic., 19 Feb. 1853, F.Mueller ; lecto: MEL n.v. , fide J.Garden, Contr. New South Wales Natl Herb. 2: 388 (1957); isolecto: K.

Cupressus australis Pers., Syn. Pl. 2: 580 (1807); Callitris australis (Pers.) Sweet, Hort. Brit. 2nd edn, 474 (1830), non Callitris australis R.Br. ex Hook.f., London J. Bot. 4: 147 (1845). T: n.v.

Callitris calcarata (A.Cunn. ex Mirb.) F.Muell., Syst. Census Austral. Pl. 109 (1882), nom. illeg. , based on a nom. nud.  

Illustrations: J.H.Maiden, Forest Fl. New South Wales 57, pl. 48 (1907), as C. calcarata ; R.T.Baker & H.G.Smith, Res. Pines Australia 36, 71, 193, 195 (1910), as C. calcarata ; T.D.Stanley & E.M.Ross, Fl. SE Queensland 3: 457, fig. 63 (1989).

Tree to 10 m tall. Branches spreading. Leaves c. 2 mm long on ultimate branchlets, dark green or grey-green; dorsal surface prominently but not acutely keeled. Male cones clustered, ovoid to obovoid, to 3 mm long. Female cones solitary or clustered on slender, usually clustered fruiting branchlets, ovoid to depressed-globular, 15–20 mm diam., shedding seeds and deciduous shortly after maturity; cone scales 6, with a small dorsal point near apex, separating almost to the base, remaining incurved after opening; alternate scales reduced; larger scales apically tapered or contracted; columella variable, usually deeply 3-lobed or 3-partite, 1–3 mm high. Seeds numerous, dark brown; wings 2 or 3, to 3 mm wide. 

A widespread and locally abundant species from Blackdown Tableland, Qld, through the tablelands and western slopes of N.S.W., extending into eastern Vic. near the Ovens River. Usually grows in shallow soils on rocky sites, often over siliceous substrates. Map 523.

Qld: Mimosa Ck, c. 35 km SE of Blackwater, Blackdown Tableland, R.J.Henderson 1104, L.Durrington & P.Sharpe (BRI, NSW); Wallangarra, 18 May 1947, E.F.Constable (NSW). N.S.W.: 25 km S of Wellington along Mitchell Hwy, J.Venning 134 (AD, NSW); Shoalhaven R., 9 miles [c. 14.5 km] W of Braidwood, 15 Dec. 1950, E.F.Constable (NSW). Vic.: Beechworth Gorge, 1.3 miles [c. 2 km] from Golden Horseshoe monument, 30 Oct. 1967, E.M.Canning (CANB, NSW).



Data derived from Flora of Australia Volume 48 (1998), a product of ABRS, ©Commonwealth of Australia