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Australian Marine Algal Name Index

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AMANI Statistics

Last update 18 May 2006

AMANI 2006
Division NameCommon NameTotal SpeciesAccepted Species
Macro-algae Seaweed 7032 2478
ChlorophytaGreen algae954434
Heterokontophyta: PhaeophyceaeBrown algae1336451
Heterokontophyta: XanthophyceaeYellow-green algae75
RhodophytaRed algae46501541
CyanophytaBlue-green algae6743
Unknown Affinity 184
Micro-algaeProtists1461 493
Heterokontophyta: BacillariophyceaeAntarctic Diatoms43
Heterokontophyta: CoscinodiscophyceaeAntarctic Diatoms5957
Heterokontophyta: MediophyceaeAntarctic Diatoms2523

This database was compiled and is maintained by Dr Roberta Cowan, Adjunct Senior Lecturer, School of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology and Murdoch Library, Murdoch University and Research Fellow, Curtin University, with funding from the Australian Biological Resources Study.

The online version of the database is maintained by ABRS.

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