Workshop report

Translocation of threatened plants

University of the Sunshine Coast, Sippy Downs, QLD
4 and 5 April 2013

This workshop marked the 16th time this successful workshop has been delivered since 2004. Participants enjoyed a range of networking opportunities and left with a sound understanding of the role of translocation in the conservation of threatened plants.

The workshop is based on the ANPC publication: Guidelines for the translocation of threatened plants in Australia.

Click below to view a slide show of images from the workshop:


The first half of the day provided an overview of the theory. Tricia Hogbin (ANPC) gave an introduction to germplasm conservation and decision-making for seed storage. Amelia Martyn (PlantBank NSW, Mount Annan Botanic Gardens) spoke about seed collection, covering: developing a strategy, collection methods, pest & disease management. She then demonstrated hygiene considerations to prevent disease spread when collecting seed.

Amelia then covered seed banking: cleaning, storage, testing and longevity. The theory presentations closed with a presentation by Phil Ainsley (South Australian Seed Conservation Centre, Botanic Gardens of Adelaide) on seed germination and dormancy.

Participants then applied their newfound knowledge of seed cleaning and seed viability testing in a lab-based practical activity.

Two case study presentations followed. Adele Maguire, of Greening Australia, spoke about Seed collection, storage and use from a Greening Australia perspective. Phil Ainsley then spoke about understanding the germination requirements of two conservation significant arid zone plant species.

The day closed with a discussion session where participants had an opportunity to discuss how the information learnt may be applied to their role in seed use.

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