Workshop report

Translocation of threatened plants

The Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan NSW
6 – 7 November 2012

The Mt Annan Translocation workshop marked the 15th time this successful workshop has been delivered since 2004. Participants enjoyed a range of networking opportunities and left with a sound understanding of the role of translocation in the conservation of threatened plants.

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The workshop commenced with theory presentations by authors of the ANPC Guidelines for the Translocation of Threatened plants. Tricia Hogbin (ANPC) provided an introduction to translocation and spoke about deciding whether to Translocate.  Maurizio Rossetto (Botanic Gardens Trust, Office of Environment and Heritage) spoke about Pre-translocation assessment, planning & preparation. Leonie Monks (Department of Environment and Conservation (WA)) spoke about Implementation, ongoing management, monitoring & evaluation and then Bob Makinson (Botanic Gardens Trust, Office of Environment and Heritage) spoke about community group involvement.

Five case studies were presented for a range of threatened plants - including the saltmarsh plant Wilsonia backhousei (Karen Sommerville, The Australian Botanic Garden, Office of Environment and Heritage (NSW); Allocasuarina portuensis (Paul Ibbetson, Office of Environment and Heritage (NSW)); Grevillea caleyi (Tony Auld, Office of Environment and Heritage (NSW)) and the Wollemi Pine (Heidi Zimmer, Monash University).
Brendon Neilly and Deborah Stevenson of the Office of Environment and Heritage then spoke about translocation policy, licensing and approval from a NSW perspective.

Day two of the workshop included a tour of the NSW Seed Bank and Cumberland Plain Woodland restoration at The Australian Botanic Garden.

We then went on to tour a range of Western Sydney translocation recipient sites. Judie Rawling (UBM Ecological Consultants) led a tour to a translocation site for Acacia pubescens at Rookwood Cemetery. Anne Clements (Anne Clements & Associates) then led a tour of translocation sites for Acacia pubescens and Wilsonia backhouseii.

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