Jewels in the Landscape

Workshop on plant identification for grassy ecosystems

Australian National Botanic Gardens, Clunies Ross St, Acton, ACT
13 & 14 March 2013

The sixth and final workshop in our Jewels in the Landscape series, funded through a grant from the NSW Environmental Trust, was on plant identification for grassy ecosystems. This workshop proved popular with 38 participants and 8 presenters attending the two day workshop in Canberra.

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Learning was through a combination of theory presentations, practicals and field-based activities.

Rainer Rehwinkel, of the Office of Environment and Heritage, opened the workshop with an introduction to the diversity and ecology of grassy ecosystems. Tricia Hogbin, Project Manager with the ANPC, then introduced the theory of plant identification and provided information on available resources.

Hands-on practical activities were interspersed among the theory presentations. The first practical was an introduction to botanical terminology, plant morphology and using a microscope.

Participants were introduced to some of the main plant families (presented by Rainer Rehwinkel) and then had an in-depth look at three common families: peas (presented by Terena Lally of CSIRO), daisies (Rainer Rehwinkel) and grasses (Isobel Crawford of Australian Botanical, Surveys). A tutorial on collecting a herbarium specimen got students outside in between the theory presentations.

Participants spent the afternoon of day 1 applying their newfound knowledge, keying out daisy, grass and pea specimens.

Day two commenced with a presentation on interactive keys and other resources, followed by a demonstration of the Atlas of Living Australia by Peter Doherty of CSIRO. Rosemary Purdie then gave a demonstration of using interactive keys.

Participants then headed out to Cuumbuen Nature Reserve near Queanbeyan for an introduction to the identification of Eucalypts by John Briggs of the Office of Environment and Heritage and two practical activities. The workshop closed at a grassland site in Canberra with hands-on practice setting up a flora monitoring plot.
The ANPC would like to acknowledge and thank the support of the NSW Environmental Trust for supporting the Jewels in the Landscape series and the workshop presenters and demonstrators, including: Rainer Rehwinkel David Mallinson, Isobel Crawford, Terena Lally, Rosemary Purdie, John Briggs, and Peter Doherty.

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This workshop is part of the Jewells in the Landscape series of workshops supported by a grant from the NSW Environmental Trust