Workshop report
Managing significant native vegetation remnants,

Scone, 17 – 18 September 2012

The fourth workshop in our Jewels in the Landscape series was held in Scone in September. This two day workshop, supported through a grant from the NSW Environmental Trust, delivered theory and practical training in managing significant native vegetation remnants such as travelling stock reserves and roadside remnants.

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The morning of day 1 focussed on theory. Andrew McIntyre (Office Environment & Heritage (OEH)) spoke about native vegetation remnants – where are they and why are they important. Toni McLeish (Grassy Box Woodland Conservation Management Network, OEH) spoke about the ecology of grassy woodlands including threats to their persistence. Jenene Kidston (Primary Industries) spoke about weed management in grassy woodlands and grazing for biodiversity. Paul Gibson Roy (Greening Australia) spoke about Grassy woodland restoration – what do we know?

In the afternoon of day 1 we moved onto practical topics and activities. Paul Melehan (Hunter Central Rivers CMA) spoke about planning a management and restoration project in remnant vegetation and I provided an overview of pre-survey desk-top research including Bionet and the NSW threatened species database. We finished the day with a field activity, led by Paul Melehan and Steve Lewer (OEH), on plant identification.

We spent the morning of day 2 Wingen Cemetery undertaking a range of practical activities including: identifying the natural values of a site and its threats; and learning how to use a range of vegetation monitoring techniques such as photo point monitoring and flora monitoring plots. Stephen Bell (Eastcoast Flora Survey) then gave a field talk on identifying vegetation community type.

The workshop closed with a range of case study presentations. Linda Broadhurst (CSIRO) spoke about the role of genetics in restoration. Shireen Murphy (Mid-western Regional Council) spoke about Mid-western regional Council’s resources for the management of remnant vegetation and Eva Twarkowski, Hunter Councils provided an overview of Hunter Councils roadside conservation projects.

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NSW Environmental Trust logoThis workshop is part of the Jewells in the Landscape series of workshops supported by a grant from the NSW Environmental Trust