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Plant Germplasm Conservation in Australia
Strategies and Guidelines for developing, managing and utilising ex situ collectionsPlant Germplasm Conservation in Australia cover

Edited by Catherine A. Offord and Patricia F. Meagher

Published by the Australian Network for Plant Conservation Inc. (ANPC) in partnership with Australian Seed Conservation and Research (AuSCaR) September 2009

This new book provides best-practice guidelines and standards for the capture, storage and use of wild-plant germplasm for long-term conservation in Australia, including the recovery of threatened plant species and the conservation of genetic diversity in the face of climate change. The guidelines have also been written so as to be accessible and useful to shorter-term projects in the restoration and revegetation industry and community sectors. The new book supersedes the ANPC’s (1997) Germplasm conservation guidelines for Australia, and reflects the great advances in germplasm conservation science and practice over the past decade.

The main objectives of the new guidelines are to present practical recommendations for germplasm conservation with a strong basis in science. Content is relevant for both long-term conservation storage and short-term revegetation seed banking.

This 200 page illustrated book was written by experts in germplasm conservation throughout Australia and covers aspects of:

Chapter 1: Introduction, including plant conservation in the international and Australian contexts
Chapter 2: Options and major considerations for germplasm conservation
Chapter 3: Seed and vegetative material collection
Chapter 4: Seed banking
Chapter 5: Seed germination and dormancy
Chapter 6: Tissue culture
Chapter 7: Cryopreservation
Chapter 8: Living plant collections

Full of practical case studies to demonstrate principles of germplasm conservation in Australia. A handy companion to the ‘Guidelines for the Translocation of Threatened Plants in Australia’ (Second Edition).

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