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Cigarette Cards - Wills' Australian Wildflowers series - 1913+

'Silk' cards stitched together to form a cushion cover

Cushion Cover Hurstville Museum H1980.780

Cushion cover (H1980.780),  c. 1918.  Courtesy of Hurstville City Library Museum & Gallery Collections

Fabric and condition of item

Item is made out of 48 silk (satin according to the paper backing of the fabric) rectangles approximately 4cm by 7.5 cm. Each rectangle has a flower image on it. These rectangles were originally cards found in cigarette packets. They have been stitched together, 8 cards wide and 6 cards long to form a cushion cover or some sort of display. They have been attached to a backing of cream coloured calico, with a separate piece of fabric less than a cm wide sewn across the top. The item is in reasonable condition, the colours on the silk cards are still bright although discolouration can be seen especially on the backgrounds. The calico backing shows signs of age, with numerous stains on it.

Baker, Cassie (2013) 'Statement of Significance, Cushion Cover (1980.780) Hurstville City Library Museum & Gallery collections'. Hurstville City Council.

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