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It appears likely that this property has changed hands and it is no longer operated as an arboretum.
It is retained in this directory for historical purposes only.

9390 Princes Highway

Ph: 03 - 5568 7226
Fax: 03 - 5568 7226

Web Site: -
Authority: Private (Cherree Densley)
Established: 1990
Area: 1 ha
Location: 9390 Princes Hway, Killarney
Entry Fees: None
Open: By appointment
Number of Paid Staff: 0
Number of Volunteers: 2
Planting Records: computer
% Native Aust Plants: ~98%
% of Plants Labelled: planting map available
Threatened Plant Prog: native
Indoor Exhibition Space: no
% of collection vouchered: ~50%
Vouchers held at: Private herbarium on site
Public Access Herbarium: yes
Special Collections: Over 120 Correa
Plant material available
For public sale: no
Exchange with other Gardens: no
To Research Institutions: seeds

Friends: no
Friend’s Address: -
Friend’s Web Site: -

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