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Census of Plants in Australian Botanic Gardens


In 1991 CHABG initiated the project to develop a list of plants in Australian botanic gardens. Six major botanic gardens contributed disk copies of their living collections databases and the lists of plants were combined into a single list showing all the taxa, the authors of the names and the families to which the taxa belong. This combined list has been edited to remove duplicate entries and some of the inconsistencies.

It was agreed to proceed with the project at the CHABG meeting in 1993.

The Census included entries from the collections accessions records of the following botanic gardens:

The following botanic gardens are also part of the project, but at this stage do not have electronic records of their collections:

Compilation of the initial list and merging of records was done by staff and contractors at the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra. Editing was completed by May 1994 and the combined list distributed in June 1994.

The final compilation was extremely large (33,400 records, 330 A4 pages in a condensed form, just under 2 Mbytes), and was distributed to participants on floppy disk for local printing and comparison against house databases.

The list was also made available electronically over the Internet through the ANBG gopher and Work Wide Web servers (gopher:// as a datafile, a text file and as a searchable index.

In addition to the list of plants, it is possible to produce a file of differences in entries (mostly in families and author abbreviations) between the combined list and each garden's contribution to the list. This has not been done yet, but can be done if the contributors would find it useful in checking their own operational databases.

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