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Census of Plants in Australian Botanic Gardens

Editorial Guidelines

Australian Species

As a general guide, the spelling of Australian plant names should follow:

Recognised synonyms for species in this list are provided in:

Family Names

As a general rule, the assignment and spelling of families should follow:

It is feasible to include duplicate entries, or a list of alternate family names, where institutions have serious reservations about the use of family names recommended by Brummitt. It will, however, simplify the list if as many as possible of the names are consistent.

Author Citations

Full author citations should be included for all entries (including ex authors, if possible).

As a general guide, the spelling of author names should follow:

Alternately, if this publication is not available at your institution, the entries should follow:

Incomplete Identifications

Specimens should be identified to generic level before being included in the list. Entries for specimens identified to generic level should be cited Genus sp. (eg, Acacia sp.).

Abbreviations and Contractions

Abbreviations and contractions should follow those listed in the Flora of Australia.

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