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Display Options

Only one of each of the options below can be set, and the desired option must be set before the query is made. To see an alternative display option, the query must be re-executed with the desired option selected.

by Herbaria

Data derived from each Herbarium are shown by a different coloured symbol on the map, with a key to colours on the right hand side.

by Species

If more than one species is mapped, each species is shown by a different coloured symbol, with a key to colours on the right hand side.

by Precision

Location details, especially for older specimens, are often vague or ambiguous. For non-precise locations, symbols are displayed differently to indicate the 'radius of certainty' based on available information.

Not Separate

Location details of all requested records are shown by symbols of the same colour without differentiating species, herbaria or precision.


National Herbarium of New South Wales
Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney Herbarium of the Northern Territory
Parks & Wildlife Commission NT Australian National Herbarium
Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research Queensland Herbarium
Environmental Protection Agency Western Australian Herbarium
Conservation and Land Management Tasmanian Herbarium
Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery National Herbarium of Victoria
Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne State Herbarium of South Australia
Plant Biodiversity Centre Australian Biological Resources Study Australian Government
Updated 23 August, 2007