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Plant Systematics Research in Australasia

A database of current plant systematics research currrently being undertaken in Australia but also extending to areas pertinent to the understanding of the evolution and biogeography of the Australian flora, such as New Zealand, Papuasia, Malesia and New Caledonia.

This database is dynamic, allowing for periodic or continuous updating. It is anticipated that this will initially be through the editor, Kirsten Cowley, but with time this task will be devolved to registered people in various institutions.


  • Searches can be initiated at the genus or family level under 'Search' or 'Plant name'.
  • Searches can be initiated at higher classification levels such as 'Algae', 'Fungi' or 'Pteridophyta', or groupings such as 'Fern allies'.
  • Individual researchers of technicians can be located under 'Personnel'.
  • Searches can be restricted to various techniques such as 'Anatomy', 'Embryology', 'Fieldwork' or 'Isozymes', using pull-down menus.
  • The search parameters can be narrowed to a geo/political region such as 'Tasmania', 'Borneo' or 'Fiji.
  • The status of the research project can be assessed, such as 'Active' or 'Dormant'.
  • Institutional address lists and email addresses can be located.