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Plant Systematics Research in Australia


This database, prepared on behalf of the Council of Heads of Australian Herbaria (CHAH), follows on from the sixth (1997) edition of the published version of Plant Systematics Research in Australia. The scope of this database is similar to that of previous published editions in that it includes not only research on the Australian flora, but also extends to areas pertinent to the understanding of the evolution and biogeography of the Australian flora, such as New Zealand, Papuasia, Malesia and New Caledonia. Entries from these regions are by no means exhaustive. Attempts have been made to obtain information from all research interests directly concerned with the taxonomy and systematics of the Australian flora. The base data were collected from returns of a questionnaire sent out in October 1995 to contributors of previous editions and those known by recent activity through herbarium loan records. This data was collated in early 1996.

It was foreshadowed in the Preface to the 1997 Edition that the data would in future be made available on-line at this URL, this has taken longer than expected but became available from January 2004.

Unlike printed editions, this database is dynamic, allowing for periodic or even continuous updating. It is anticipated that this will initially be through the Editor, Kirsten Cowley, but with time this task will be devolved to registered people in various institutions.

The preparation of this database was completed by the Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research, Australian National Herbarium, drawing on the combined resources of both CSIRO Plant Industry and the Australian National Botanic Gardens. A number of people from these organisations have contributed, but in particular, thanks are due to Kirsten Cowley and Christopher Puttock, the editors of the 1997 printed edition, Kirsten and Greg Whitbread for development of the datafiles and Marcel Cratochvil through XOR Pty Ltd for preparation of the database access via the web. CHAH provided financial support for data entry and development costs.

Judy G. West, Director
Australian National Herbarium (CANB)
Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research