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K.J. Cowley and J.G. West (compilers)
Centre for Australian National Biodiversity Research

On behalf of
The Council of Heads of Australasian Herbaria (CHAH)

Printed Publication date: 1999*

( *Entries for most herbaria updated on web as indicated)

Table of Contents

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Council of Heads of Australian Herbaria

Quick guide for the intending users of Australian herbaria


Location Map

Code / Herbarium Name (Recent updates marked )

AD State Herbarium of South Australia (updated Feb 2013)

ADT (Now part of Tasmanian Herbarium, HO) [archive Australian Antarctic Division Herbarium] (updated April 2010)

BRI Queensland Herbarium (updated November 2013)

BRIP Queensland Plant Pathology Herbarium (updated March 2010)

CANB Australian National Herbarium (updated January 2014)

CNS Australian Tropical Herbarium (updated June 2010)

CFSHB North Coast Regional Botanic Garden Herbarium (updated March 2010)

CSU Charles Sturt University, School of Agriculture Herbarium (updated Feb 2006)

DAR New South Wales, Plant Pathology Herbarium (updated May 2010)

DNA - NT Northern Territory Herbarium (updated March 2013)

ERBG Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Gardens Herbarium - Wallace Herbarium (updated March 2012)

GAUBA Gauba Herbarium (updated March 2010)

HO Tasmanian Herbarium (updated December 2013)

JCT James Cook University Herbarium (updated March 2010)

KPBG Kings Park and Botanic Garden Herbarium (updated July 2010)

MBA (Now part of Australian Tropical Herbarium, CNS)
Queensland Herbarium (Mareeba) (updated Sept 2006)

MEL National Herbarium of Victoria (updated April 2010)

MELU The University of Melbourne Herbarium (updated April 2010)

MUCV Monash University Herbarium

NE N.C.W. Beadle Herbarium (updated July 2010)

NSW National Herbarium of New South Wales (updated June 2010)

PERTH Western Australian Herbarium (updated July 2013)

PRH (KARR) Pilbara Regional Herbarium (Institution closed with specimens returned to PERTH 2006).

QRS (Now part of Australian Tropical Herbarium, CNS) [archive Australian National Herbarium (Atherton) ] (updated Sept 2006)

SYD John Ray Herbarium (updated Dec 2006)

UNSW John T. Waterhouse Herbarium (updated April 2010)

UWA University of Western Australia Herbarium (updated Dec 2008)

VPRI National Collection of Fungi, Bundoora Herbarium (updated May 2014)

WAC Plant Pathology Culture Collection (updated June 2010)

WOLL The Janet Cosh Herbarium (updated April 2010)


Appendix 1 Institutions with predominantly vascular plant collections: >150 000 specimens

Appendix 2 Institutions with predominantly vascular plant collections: <150 000 specimens

Appendix 3 Institutions with predominantly non-vascular plant collections

Appendix 4 The National Collection: Taxonomic Groups (%)

Appendix 5 The National Collection: Institution Holdings (%)

Appendix 6 Collection database status

Contact Details (updated April 2007)

Index to Institutions by City

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