14.1 The Board will establish an Executive Committee to conduct the day to day activities of the Centre.

14.2 The Committee will consist of:

14.3 The Committee's primary responsibility will be to advise the Director on the following:

14.4 The decisions of the Executive Committee shall be advisory only and shall not bind the Director, the Board or the Parties.

14.5 The Executive Committee shall be presided over by the Director and shall meet once a month or at such other time as the Director determines.

14.6 All questions before the Executive Committee shall be decided by majority vote and the Director shall have a second or casting vote in the case of a deadlock.

14.7 Subject to this clause, the Executive Committee shall regulate its own proceedings (including mode of operation, frequency of meetings, minutes) and shall meet (whether in person, by telephone or video link-up or the like) provided however that the Executive Committee shall meet at all times necessary for it to discharge its obligations as set out in this Agreement in a proper and timely manner and at least once every three months commencing from the Commencement Date.