9.1 The Board shall control the policy, practices, management and operation of the Centre.

9.2 The Board shall, in addition to the general power of management conferred on it under clause 9.1, have the following specific powers:

9.3 Each Party warrants that its representatives are vested with the necessary power and authority to carry out their duties as a member of the Board as set out herein, including the execution of any agreements required to carry out the Activities.

9.4 Each Party acknowledges that its chosen representative is to be accountable to the Party by whom he or she is chosen with respect to that Party's performance in the Centre.

9.5 The authority of the Board will not extend to the following matters, the authority over which is retained by the Parties:

9.6 The Board shall not act ultra vires of the enabling legislation of NPWS or CSIRO.

9.7 In exercising its powers and functions under this clause the Board shall have regard to any relevant policy of the Parties as notified to the Board by each Party's representative(s) on the Board.

9.8 A decision of the Board shall be binding on the Parties unless the decision is inconsistent with this Agreement, is expressly reserved to the Parties or any one of them under this Agreement or is one which requires any of the Parties to do or execute any act, document or thing which is ultra vires or conflicts with the internal procedures of that Party.