21.1 Each Party covenants and agrees with the other Parties to second to the Centre its Seconded Personnel for such time and for such purposes as determined by the Board.

21.2 Seconded Personnel of each Party shall remain subject to the terms and conditions of employment of that Party and shall be replaced if recommended by the Board.

21.3 Each Party covenants and undertakes to procure that Centre Intellectual Property created by any of its Seconded Personnel shall be owned and dealt with according to the provisions of this Agreement.

21.4 A Party may withdraw from the Centre any of its Seconded Personnel following consultation with the other Parties and upon giving reasonable notice to the Board, provided it replaces such personnel with a person or persons (as the case may be) acceptable to the Board.

21.5 Should the Centre require the services of persons not presently employed by any of the Parties, such persons shall be retained under arrangements determined by the Board. Unless otherwise directed by the Board, persons so retained shall be employed by NPWS upon terms and conditions set by that Party after consultation with, and agreement by, CSIRO.

21.6 Any staff engaged under clause 21.5 and any work performed by such staff for the purposes of the Centre shall not be considered to be the Contribution of the Party employing such staff but shall be, in equal parts, the Contribution of NPWS and CSIRO.